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Weekly Tournament Rules


The Weekly Tournament runs every Sunday at 00:00 (MSK). 

You can enter the tournament at any time. You can also leave the tournament and come back before the week is out. Your tokens balance will stay the same.

You will be out of the tournament only if you lose all tournament tokens.


All players start the tournament with 1000 free tournament chips - blue and white tokens.

To buy into the same tournament again you should pay. The cost depends on the amount of your buy-in.

​Prize pool

The prize pool is comprised of the total tournament chips collected from participants.

You should win as much tournament tokens as possible throughout the week.

The prize pool is distributed between a set number of leaders (20% of all Weekly tournament players) according to their places in the tournament ranking.

Note that winners get the same amount of standard red and white chips (not tournament blue/white).

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